La Cocinera Poblana

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Tue Jun 27 01:01:31 UTC 2000

   LA COCINERA POBLANA Y EL LIBRO DE LAS FAMILIAS ("Novisimo manual practico de cocina espanola francesa, inglesa y mexicana higiene y economia domestica")was published in Mexico City, with TOMO I in 1887 and TOMO II in 1888.  Perhaps the OED can count it as a citation?  It's the 19th century bible of Mexican cooking.  I just examined the copy in the Library of Congress.
   "Quesadillas" is on pg. 59 of Tomo II.  Jesse was interested in "masa," and that's on page 84.
   No "fajita" that I can easily spot.  Some "enchiladas," "tamales," and "salsas."

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