turtle candy

Tom Kysilko pds at VISI.COM
Tue Jun 27 23:55:24 UTC 2000

At 12:25 AM 6/27/2000 -0500, Mike Salovesh wrote:
>I had the impression that both Turtles and Pixies were exclusive trade
. . .
>I know that Nestlé makes a product called "Turtles" because I have an
>example in front of me.

I have an empty box of Nestlé's Turtles that claims them to be from the
"Original DeMets recipe."  In fact, by my increasingly unreliable
recollection, Nestlé's ownership of Turtles is relatively recent.  We've
been boycotting Nestlé since the '70s, but gave up Turtles just a few years
ago.  [My friends only go down to the School of the Americas and get
themselves arrested.]

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