See you later (_i.e._, ta-ta, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye)

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    The RHHDAS has "later" and insists that "see you later" is jazz slang.  A
1922 "See youse later" citation is given.  I haven't checked the MOA or
American Memory yet.
    This is from the NEW YORK DISPATCH, 31 May 1885, "High-School Slang," pg.
7, col. 6:

     "I just met Mac Downley down on the av," murmured the first girl.
    "Do you know I think he's a regular gillie?"
     "You bet!"
     "My, though, don't he think he's an awful swell?"
     "Well, I should smile--he takes the belt."
     "I wish you wouldn't say 'takes the belt,' Floy.  Don't you know that's
a regular chestnut, and none of the girls in our gang use it any more?"
     "Well, you needn't get so huffy about it.  One can't keep up the
procession in all the latest wrinkles."
     "We had a jim-dandy time at the party last night, didn't we?"
     "Well, I should snicker to smile!  Did you catch on to the dude I
     "Well I should blush to murmur.  He's awfully jolly."
     "He was regular peaches.  I dropped to his racket the first time he
pulled his handkerchief on me."
     "Oh, you giddy thing!  First thing you know the old dragon up to the
house will be on to your lead."
     "I don't care.  It's only when he shells out the shekels that I have any
use for him."
     "Say can't you drop down on me to-night up at the house?"
     "Thanks, awfully.  If my mash don't come round, I guess I will come over
and slide down your banisters."
     "Ta ta; see you later."
     "Over the reservoir."
     The giddy creatures disappeared within the gates of the school yard,
while the writer pursued his way pondering upon the boasted education of the
public schools, and the 19th century culture, about which we boast so much.


     "Club Sandwich" is in the NYPL Menu Collection, The Windsor (NY), carte
du jour, 1897.  I've got more to read.
     No "chimichanga" in THE GOOD LIFE: NEW MEXICO TRADITIONS AND FOOD (1949,
1982 reprint) by Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert.  I requested Cleofas M.
Jaramillo's THE GENUINE NEW MEXICO TASTY RECIPES (1939, 1981 reprint), but
the NYPL microfilm is missing.  Anyone know where else it is?

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