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--- "Peter A. McGraw" <pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU> wrote:
> I was somewhat surprised at Andrea's posting.  To my
> knowledge, Oregon is
> the only place in the U.S. where this nut is grown,
> at least commercially,
> and to my knowledge it is the only part of the
> country where it's called a
> "filbert" instead of a "hazelnut."
> Trying to confirm this, I checked DARE and to my
> surprise found neither
> word.
> You can find canned hazelnuts in Oregon stores (even
> if they were grown in
> Oregon), but you'll look in vain for a grower who
> calls his spread a
> "hazelnut orchard"--or at least you'd have looked in
> vain for such a person
> when I was growing up on an Oregon filbert farm.
> Just today I ran across a newspaper story about an
> organization called the
> Hazelnut Marketing Board, based in Portland.
> Nothing strange about that if
> they are trying to market the product nationally,
> but what was strange was
> that the article, from the local paper in
> Wilsonville, the nearest town to
> our family filbert farm, referred to a "local
> hazelnut grower."  I wonder
> if the newspaper writer is an ignorant newcomer.
> It's hard to imaging that
> the local usage could be changing--it would still
> seem bizarre for me to
> call the nut anything but a filbert when talking to
> another Oregonian, at
> least when referring to the nut when it's still on
> the tree or on the
> ground or being picked.
> Can anyone report the use of "filbert" outside of
> Oregon?
> Peter Mc.

My mother, born and raised in Utah, called them
filberts.  I call them hazelnuts: can't explain why
filbert didn't stick to me.

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