Any of you *not* know another language?

Greg Pulliam pulliam at IIT.EDU
Fri Jun 30 04:53:14 UTC 2000

I took Spanish for five years between high school, college, and grad
school, including History of the Spanish Language and Structure of
Modern Spanish.  But do I *know* Spanish?  Probably not.  I know a
lot about it, but I can't understand Spanish speakers and I can't
produce a lick of it myself.

Does this mean I lose my -linguist- credentials?

>To the esteemed linguists and language experts on this list:
>Are there any of you who do *not* know a language other than English?
>Yet another snooty "my world is the only world" posting on another
>list, in case
>you were wondering.  But I'm also curious.
>P.S.  Is anyone interested in a compilation of the responses to
>writing accents
>in English?
>Andrea Vine, avine at, iPlanet i18n architect
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