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Date: Thursday, June 29, 2000 5:49 PM
Subject: hazelnuts/filberts

>I was somewhat surprised at Andrea's posting.  To my knowledge, Oregon is
>the only place in the U.S. where this nut is grown, at least commercially,
>and to my knowledge it is the only part of the country where it's called a
>"filbert" instead of a "hazelnut."
>Trying to confirm this, I checked DARE and to my surprise found neither

Y'know, I just learned about this variation a few years ago from a friend of
mine, she's 40+, and lived in New Jersey all her life, but I don't know if
filbert or hazelnut is her native usage as it's never come up in actual use.

For me, it's always been hazelnut, since I've been a chocoholic since I was
about three. Okay, one and a half. In coffee and chocolate products, it's
*always* hazelnut. On its own, it's subject to local variation, and the only
other produced food venue I've seen it in is an Entenmann's pastry called a
Filbert Ring, pretty much a coffee cake, with hazelnuts. And those little
rolled wafer cookies that call them hazelnuts. They're usually sold in
association with coffee. Nutella uses hazelnut, it's a chocolate product.

For me, Filbert has always Rocko's turtle friend on Rocko's Modern Life, on

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