a recipe

Fri Jun 30 16:56:00 UTC 2000

Since we have taken to exchanging favorite recipes lately, here's one
from last week's NYTimes many will find very useful, now that the
season for backyard barbeques and picnicing is at hand.  It is an
elephant repellant:

Dung-Pepper Anti-elephant Briquettes.  (Courtesy of Kinos Maribu)
1 pound of hot chilies, crushed.
2 pounds fresh elephant dung.

1.  Blend the dung and pounded peppers and form into a brick shape.
2.  Place in the sun for a day or two to harden and dry out.

Yield.  Makes one briquette.

You place this in your backyard and set it on fire whenever you feel
the need to keep off wandering elephants.  Elephant dung is found in
better speciality shops everywhere.


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