Any of you *not* know another language?

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Fri Jun 30 17:46:32 UTC 2000

"Bethany K. Dumas" wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, A. Vine wrote:
> >>Are there any of you who do *not* know a language other than English?
> Yet another snooty "my world is the only world" posting on another list,
> in case you were wondering.  But I'm also curious.<<<
> I don't understand. Are you claiming to be posting a snooty MWITOW item?
> It doesn't sound like you ...

Sorry, I wasn't clear.  There was a posting (from someone else) on another list
in response to whether data should have a collation scheme associated with it or
whether the collation should be the choice of the end user, which went as

  Of course, if an monolingual Anglophone wishes to see them all sorted
  according to English rules (what is the English rule for ñ?),
  I am (as I think I have said) not against it.  I am violently
  against systems that won't allow anything else.

  Provisions for i18n and l10n should not cater *solely* to the ignorance
  of monollinguals.

So, I recall some of the linguistics students in college not knowing other
languages.  And I was wondering if any of the linguists on this list fit that
profile.  Just because someone is monolingual, does not mean s/he is ignorant in
my books.  User preference is user preference.

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