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WRITER'S DIGEST (continued)

   The RHHDAS doesn't cite any of these WRITER'S DIGEST slang lists!  Also
add "Australian Slang," WRITER'S DIGEST, November 1942, pg. 62.
   I could retype all the lists on ADS-L if people wish.


   I didn't find "the whole nine yards" in his novels, but I found lots of
good stuff from the 1960s.  I'll try to look for that phrase when I check the
LOS ANGELES FREE WEEKLY in the NYPL later this week.

by Robert Gover
Grove Press, NY

Pg. 9--triple whammy
Pg. 9--I was in _no mood_!
Pg. 10--...get their _ashes hauled_!  That's a way of saying they're going to
pay and then make love (or, I should say, fornicate) with some Negro.
Pg. 19--College Joe.
Pg. 20--She-it!
Pg. 21--...mothahfug...mothahfuggin...
Pg. 22--Well kiss my blackass!  (Pg. 94--I say, Jimmy you kiss my
Pg. 23--muddlehead
Pg. 38--I say Honeydripper, make room fer this Honeydripper!
Pg. 45--I reached my first (if you'll pardon the expression) climax too
Pg. 47--You, after all, are the one who should carry the old football, so to
Pg. 61--I thought: JC my friend, pinch yourself.  You may be dreaming!
Pg. 62--Big Money Honey sleepin in my bed.
Pg. 73--I say, Baby you wanna turn me on?  He say, yeah yeah yeah...
Pg. 76--Nex, homerun!
Pg. 76--Wornout pecker ain no good for payin up!
Pg. 84--O-U-T out!
Pg. 88--I know them WHitefolks all so fuggin nutty they is like one big
Pg. 89--He go like somebody stick a firecracker up his asshole.
Pg. 108--Crabass!
Pg. 113--I mean the whole thing seemed like a wild post-icecream dream...
Pg. 123--She got her a big mouff an she gotta talk.
Pg. 149--...about 60 (mph--ed.)--a graceful 60--then floored it, and--wham!
Pg. 167--This word, you say Copu You Late, an it mean fug.
Pg. 180--I mean she stood up, right in the face of my Roscoe! (Gun--ed.)

by Robert Gover
Grove Press, NY

Pg. 39--Shiverin shitfits!
Pg. 74--It's Eyetalian!

by Robert Gover
Trident Press, NY

Pg. 58--"I don't know a thing about stockbreaking."
Pg. 67--Holy Hannah, I said to myself.  (On further checking, the RHHDAS has
"holy Hannah" only from 1982--ed.)
Pg. 94--Yes-sir-ree-bob!
Pg. pea-brain.
Pg. 147--...and another returnee from the gangbang.
Pg. 193--...richbitch head.
Pg. 222--...this crazy richbitch...
Pg. 224--..You richbitch...  (RHHDAS?--ed.)

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