Robert Gover novels

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 1 07:13:32 UTC 2000

by Robert Gover
Grove Press, NY

This might be the book I remember as the $50. Misunderstanding. I remember
my cousin Connie raving about it as 'funny'. But this was a paperback I
never read.

I was too young back then, or rather, too naive. In 64 I was a very
religously conservative 15 year old, wondering what the UC-Berkeley Freedom
Under Clark Kerr movement a mile or three north from Piedmont meant.

Oh Gawd yes. I remember TV pictures of Bettina Apthecker in her raincoat.
And I remember I knew Bill Fiset before I knew who Herb Caen was.

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