Affirmative Access

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Nov 1 05:34:38 UTC 2000

At 12:18 PM -0500 11/1/00, Jesse Sheidlower wrote:
>  >    Sorry, I should have said 1961.  (The sequel was written in 1964.)  The
>>  novel is written half in the voice of a white man, half in the voice of a
>>  black prostitute.  "Fug" is used a lot.  Why didn't Lighter treat this word?
>First, you do know that Lighter read Gover heavily and cites from
>_One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding_ constantly.
>"Fug" is mentioned in the note for _fuck_ v.: "the recent forms
>_fug, fugg_ are printed euphem. and do not represent pronun."
Well, yes, but I've never heard "The (Village) Fugs" (the celebrated
musical group; I believe they recorded under both names) referred to
as anything other than "The [f at gz]".  Of course, that is a proper


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