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   That last cite from THE RESTAURATEUR about Herman Gertner is April 7, 1923
(not 1927).
   This New York City weekly publication (under two names) existed from
1923-1927 and from 1927-1931 (as THE RESTAURATEUR AND AMERICAN HOTELIER).
I'm trying to go through the entire thing.
   Here are some more items.

27 February 1926, THE RESTAURATEUR, pg. 15, cols. 1-3:
_Honor Discoverer of "Pate de Foie Gras"_
   _Tribute to Inventor of Goose Liver Dainty to Pay Debt Owed by World's
   _Names of Cooks Seldom Given to "Master Dishes" and Chicken a la King was
of Quaker City Origin_
(Pg. 16, col. 3--ed.)
   The outstanding American example of nominal glory to skilled cooks is
William King, who was chef in the old Bellevue Hotel, in Philadelphia, about
1895.  A dyspeptic customer, to whome food seemed tempting, requested the
waiter one day to bring him something new.  So inspired, King prepared bits
of chicken, mushrooms, truffles, red and green peppers and cream.  The
dyspepsia victim ate heartily and demanded of the waiter who made the dish.
   Our chef, sir.  William King," he was told.
   "Oh, chicken a la King," remarked the customer.
(See ADS-L archives for William King--ed.)

15 May 1926, THE RESTAURATEUR, pg. 4, cols. 1-2:
_A Sure Indication of Cuisine Quality and Culinary Art.  The Quick Eateries
Are Known as "Prix Fixe"_
(Six or seven francs--ed.)

15 May 1926, THE RESTAURATEUR, pg. 12, col. 2--They want variety; yet that
New England conservatism crops up, and they want the substantial things that
"mother used to make."  (OED on "mother used to make"?--ed.)

31 July 1926, THE RESTAURATEUR, pg. 6, col. 1:
_"Meals on Wheels" Dinners Delivered_ (OED 1961?--ed.)
   THE London housewife who lives within a radius of two miles of Fulham Road
need not worry if she cann't manage to be at home in time to cook meals.  All
she has to do is to telephone to Mary's Meals on Wheels, headquarters in the
Fulham Road, and a hot three or four-course dinner will be waiting on her
doorstep whenever she wants it.

25 September 1926, THE RESTAURATEUR, "The Art of Sandwich Making," pg. 3,
col. 1--_Some Three-Deckers_.

25 September 1926, THE RESTAURATEUR, pg. 14, col. 2:
   _Big Apple Crop Being Harvested_
   New York State's 1926 apple crop is making vigorous entry into the
(Neither this nor the 30 October 1926 story about NYC's Apple Week really
uses "Big Apple."  Again, I had  checked Apple Weeks and apple stories
thoroughly eight years ago--ed.)

23 October 1926, THE RESTAURATEUR, pg. 16, col. 2:
   _The Continental Breakfast_
   The Continental breakfast is essentially simple.  Those served in
Switzerland and in Holland are the most delicious.  They consist almost of
the same dishes offered everywhere, but their breads are different.  (This
must have changed.  Now this means _nothing but_ coffee and a roll--ed.)

30 October 1926, THE RESTAURATEUR, pg. 8, col. 2:
   _INC. Means "I Need Cash"_
(Col. 3--ed.)  "A corporation," the restaurateur replied, "was formed because
I was short of cash--and Inc. at the end of the corporate name stands, in
abbreviated form, for 'I need cash.'"

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