Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Nov 2 03:48:54 UTC 2000

>This is a fairly common (minor) speech "defect." I doubt if it was the word
>but a failure to realize /w/, perhpas only  after /k/. Too bad you didn't
>listen for his pronunciation of "quick," "quit," "and the like.
Is it really a defect?  We've discussed non-labial pronunciations of
"quarter" (as [k)rt at r]) a while back, and I suspect it would be much
more likely for the "coy-ette" speaker to pronounce "quarter" that
way than to have non-labial pronunciations of "quick", "quit", and
other front vowel words.  I wonder if "quite" would be [kwayt] or
[k)yt] (as in "coyt") for this speaker.


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