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Thu Nov 2 17:49:54 UTC 2000


   From the NEW YORK POST, 2 November 2000, pg. 38, col. 1:

_Silicon Valley says_
_datacasting is hot_
Chris Nolan
   THIS is either the next new thing or it's a money pit bigger than anything
any dot-com dilettante has dreamed up.
   It's called datacasting.  And while the details vary from company to
company, the fundamental idea is to use broadcast television signals to send
digital information to homes.
(Check for the rest of the article--ed.)


HAVES vs. HAVE-MORES--I'm seeing this instead of "Haves vs. Have-Nots."

ELECTORAL COLLEGE/VOTE SWAPPING (off topic)--George  Will's column in today's
NY Post is "Abolish the Electoral College?  What Anti-American Idiocy!"  The
big highlighted quote was "There _never_ has been an Electoral College
victory by a candidate who lost the popular vote by a substantial margin."
Thanks--we're concerned about _close_ election, George.
   He calls me a "simple-minded majoritarian."  (Such a nice insult, he
repeated it twice.) So is he for or against vote swapping?  So he supports
the candidates skipping New York entirely for--Wisconsin?  And he supports
the possibility that a candidate with the most votes could lose?

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