Los Angeles Free Press (1964-1965)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Nov 2 12:52:07 UTC 2000

At 8:08 PM -0500 11/2/00, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>19 February 1965, LAFP, pg. 6, col. 3--In Japan, the Gutai group started off
>the current wave of happenings in the early 1950s with an art show in the sky
>(balloons, kites, etc. from the roof of a department store)...

A slightly later development which may or not be verifiable in the
Freep, probably some issue from the fall of '66 or spring '67, is the
"human be-in" (which evolved into the "love-in").  I was in LA at the
time, and we always maintained that WE had the be-in/love-in first,
before they made it to Berkeley.  I can't find "be-in" in the RHHDAS,
but that source (and the OED2) does confirm my hypothesis of
provenance for the "love-in", whose first three citings are all
L.A.-based, and all from the spring of 1967.  (The first cite is from
the L.A. Times of March 27, 1967.)  Barry, I wonder if your perusals
of the Freep will turn-up an earlier "love-in" (not that much
earlier, I'd wager--that spring before the summer of love would be
about right) or "(human) be-in".


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