Danish Pastry & Herman Gertner

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   From the NEW YORK TIMES, 23 January 1962, pg. 33, col. 4:

_Retired Owner of Chain on_
_Broadway Dies at 90_
   Herman Gertner, a well-known Broadway restaurateur a generation ago, died
yesterday at his home, 185 Riverside Drive.  He was 90 years aold.
   Mr. Gertner has often been given credit for introducing Danish pastry to
New York, and one of his bus boys was Leo Lindy, who later became famous for
his own establishment, Lindy's.
   At one time, Mr. Gertner had five resaurants operating along Broadway,
between Thirty-eighth and Ninety-seventh Streets.  He started in the
restaurant business on the lower East Side in 1903 or 1904, his relatives
recall, then opened a restaurant in the Broadway Central Hotel before moving
   At one point during his career Mr. Gertner befriended a Danish baker who
convinced him that Danish pastry might be well received in New York.  Mr.
Gertner began serving the pastry in his restaurant and it immediately was a
   Mr. Lindy, who started as a bus boy and later was promoted to waiter,
married Mr. Gertner's sister.  Mr. Gertner later made Mr. Lindy a manager of
one of his Broadway spots.  He retired from the business a quarter of a
century ago.
   He is survived by his widow, the former Frieda Engel; a son, Philip, of
New York; a sister, Mrs. Regina Abend of New York, and a grandchild.

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