Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Nov 3 03:09:06 UTC 2000

>"Fug" is mentioned in the note for _fuck_ v.: "the recent forms
>_fug, fugg_ are printed euphem. and do not represent pronun."
>There's an example of "mothafuggah" from one of Gover's later works
>cited at _motherfucker._ The forms that we broke out for separate
>treatment are, for the most part, not just printed euphemisms but
>different formations.

Maybe that's what Lighter (?) thinks, and maybe it's true for Gover (has he
been asked?) ...

In some cases "fug" = "f*ck" does represent pronunciation.

In Dan Simmons' new novel "Darwin's Blade":

I see the word "fuck" repeatedly -- "fucking" at least eight times on p.
45, for example. No need for 'printed euphemism' here.

But ... on p. 76: <<He ... recorded a new message on the answering machine:
"Yo, dis is Vito. Dere's nobody home but me an' the Dobermans. You got
sometin' to say to me ... say it! Otherwise, hang the fug up!">>

Clumsy writing perhaps, but the intention to represent pronunciation is
clear enough. I've seen other cases which I think are comparable.

[I'm not trying to assert that "fug" (in this sense) -- or "dis" or "dere"
for dat matter -- should have separate treatment.]

-- Doug Wilson

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