Smeargate; Lifestyle Dining; Safire Watch

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Sat Nov 4 17:59:40 UTC 2000


   Saturday's NEW YORK POST calls the recent Bush DUI conviction (24 years
ago, coming out just now) as "SMEARGATE."
   "November Surprise" and "Pearl Harbor Politics" have also been used.


   From the NEW YORK OBSERVER, 6 November 2000, pg. 24, col. 3:

_Is Starck Raving Mad?_
_Introducing "Lifestyle Dining"_
(...)  According to the press release, Hudson Cafeteria represents "the next
generation of Lifestyle Dining."  The rooms' centerpiece is an open kitchen
surrounded by a dining counter over which hang stained-glass pictures of the
backs of people's heads emerging from flames.  It's just the place for a
Black Mass.  I'm not exactly sure what "Lifestyle Dining" means, though one
suspects  it has something to do with the fact that Philippe Starck designed
the space.  I imagine the concept includes loud music so that conversation
has to be conducted by shouting.  It also means that the cuisine (much of it
similar to that of Mr. Ducasse's Spoon, slated to replace "44" in the
Royalton) is eclectic, international and tongue-in-cheek, from turkey meat
loaf to chop suey and cassoulet.

WILLIAM SAFIRE WATCH (continuing feature)

   Sunday's NEW YORK TIMES, again, does not publish my letter to the editor.
   My corrections (that I sent a week ago) have not even been acknowledged.

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