Cappuccino--a query

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sun Nov 5 20:01:57 UTC 2000

        Barry Popik has presented various items indicating that  cappuccino
(both the coffee-drink and the name) were invented in San Francisco by Fred
Landi;  Landi reportedly made this invention in 1937 or 1938, and the first
written attestation is 1946.

        However, in a July 24, 2000 message to ADS-L, Jan Ivarsson cites
evidence from his Italian dictionary which says that cappuccino is
traceable to 1905.  If this date is accurate, Fred Landi  would be ruled
out as the inventor of cappuccino and its name, but he would at least be
left as the individual who introduced both to the U.S. Here is Ivarsson's
>>    My Italian dictionary (Sabatini-Coletti, Dizionario italiano  on
>>CD-ROM) says about "cappuccino": Bevanda a base di caffè espresso e
>>latte. Deriv. di  "cappuccino 1" per il colore simile a quello del
>>saio... a 1905 which means: Drink made up of café espresso and milk.
>>Derived from "cappuccino 1" (Capuchin monk clad in a brownish hood)
>>because of the color  similar to that of the hood... Known since 1905.
>>Thus it seems hardly probable that the drink was invented by  Mr. Landi
>>in 1938 San Francisco. Jan Ivarsson, Simrishamn,  Sweden
        The question now arises: Are there any Italian dictionaries from
1905-1936 which actually attest "cappuccino" for the time of publication or
can specifically give an earlier citation?  Would anyone have access to
such dictionaries? And does anyone have access to an Italian etymological
dictionary which includes "cappuccino"?
        Any assistance would be much appreciated.

-----Gerald Cohen

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