Haul off and what?

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Nov 7 07:15:24 UTC 2000

>"Haul off an love me" plays, I think, on the usually physically active
>status of what follows "haul off and" and is what makes "haul off and love
>me" cute since "love me" is, by virture of this context, given a more
>active or "physical" interpretation.
Well, mebbe so, and the "haul off and kiss me" case is certainly
active and physical (without being necessarily all THAT violent, as
others would predict).  But here's another non-physical example,
_haul off and marry_, although arguably again for special effect.
This is from a site with various southern recipes,
http://www.zapitalism.com/zap/food.html.  It's the Chocolate Gravy &
Biscuits one that's relevant for our purposes, but I couldn't resist
including the banana worm bread.  (We do need something to eat so we
can wash it down with all of those drink recipes Barry is always
Banana Worm Bread

       1/2 cup shortening
       3/4 cup sugar
       2 bananas, mashed
       2 cups flour
       1 teaspoon soda
       1 teaspoon salt
       1/2 cup chopped nuts
       2 eggs
       1/4 cup dry-roasted army worms

       Mix together all ingredients. Bake in greased loaf pan at 350
for about 1 hour.

       Chocolate Gravy & Biscuits

I'm a born-n-bred Southerner and had the gall to haul off and marry a
Northerner! I was raised on chocolate gravy and biscuits which is my
most favorite food of all time. This stuff is the greatest! My
husband won't even stay in the house when I make it or eat it though!

Biscuits: 1 or 2 cans of "whop" biscuits (these are the ones that
come in the little tube at the store and you have to "whop" them on
the counter to open the tube.) Bake as directed.

       Chocolate Gravy
       3 tablespoons of flour
       2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
       4 tablespoons of granulated sugar
       2 cups of milk
       2 tablespoons of butter
       1 teaspoon of vanilla

       Mix dry ingredients in shallow pan on stovetop until they're
completely combined. Add milk and stir. Cook on medium to medium high
heat until it bubbles and thickens. Add butter and vanilla. Stir.
Chunk up biscuits and pour chocolate gravy over the top. Enjoy!

       Oh....and you'll need a bucket....if you like it as much as I
do, then you'll eat till you explode!!!

       Sabrina Doster
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