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Jeffrey William McKeough jwm at URSOLARIS.SPDCC.COM
Wed Nov 8 13:44:13 UTC 2000

David Sanders wrote:
>Did anybody happen to tape the first couple of hours
>of Dan Rather's election coverage on CBS last night?
>He must have used a dozen or more expressions for how
>tight the race was.  All were interesting, and about
>half I had never heard before!  Most of them struck me
>as Southern, but that's a largely uninformed opinion,
>and I was wondering if anybody happened to catch them.

You're in luck.  Before I got sick of his theatrics and switched
channels, I started writing them down, though I don't have the context
for them all:

     One race was "nasty enough to gag a buzzard".

     At some point during the counting he said that (I think)
     someone's lead could "melt faster than ice cream in a microwave".

     He asked the chairman of the Gore campaign if his "fingernails
     [were] sweating".

     The Florida race (again, I think) was "hot enough to peel

     "crackling like a hickory fire".

     "lead shakier than cafeteria jell-o"

     The New Jersey senate candidate "spent money like he had shorted

     "smiling like a cat in a creamery" (possibly Bush, but I'm not

     Gore's trying to win without taking Florida would be "like trying
     to scratch his ear with his elbow".

     Bush (if something happened, don't know what) would be "mad as a
     rained-on rooster".

So do you suppose "ice cream in a microwave" is a genuine Southernism?

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