haul off &...

sagehen sagehen at SLIC.COM
Wed Nov 8 17:17:14 UTC 2000

Peter writes:
>Thanks, Allen!  And to think I was just about to haul off and recant in the
>face of all Larry's examples.  Us Northwesterners gotta stick to
>our...verbs.  Today the ADS, tomorrow the Electoral College!<

Though no longer an Oregonian, I join the others in the strong sense of
motion in "haul off &..."  To me it suggests the backward movement of the
arm & shoulder, cocking the fist for a blow.
"Gone and V-ed" is very familiar to me, especially from childhood in the
Midwest.  I think I'd only have used it in talking with other children, and
that a little self-consciously.  It has the feel of being an extension of
the normal future construction of  "going to V."
A. Murie

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