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Peter A. McGraw pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU
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Interesting!  Do Utahns pronounce the name of their state as the spelling
would indicate (with final [a:]) or as "Utaw," as I've always pronounced it
and, to my knowledge, heard it.  "Utahn" seems a logical spelling if the
state is [ju:ta:], but somehow less so if it's [ju:t):].  Maybe this has
something to do with the federal-Utah disagreement.

Peter Mc.

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> --- Lynne Murphy <lynnem at COGS.SUSX.AC.UK> wrote:
>> I've never seen the word "Utahns" before.  Is the
>> 'n' syllabic?
>> Lynne
> No.  The fed's tried to convince us we were "Utahans"
> a while back, but that fell flat on its face.  If my
> recall isn't totally fuzzy, Sen. Hatch even brought up
> on the Senate floor the question as to whether the
> Federal government was to refer to a resident of Utah
> as "Utahn" (prefered and used locally) or "Utahan"
> (official fed usage at the time).  I don't recall
> whether or not there was ever an "official"
> resolution.
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