Give Good X; Shalom Chaver

Grant Barrett gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM
Thu Nov 9 12:34:22 UTC 2000

Has there been any work done one the construction "gives good X"? My guess is that
it comes from "gives good head" but as can be seen in the quote below, we're a long
way from that now.,5673,393879,00.html

"Clinton stepped forward as the calmer voice, leading the Oklahoma families in
mourning. Perhaps for the first time, he looked presidential - a father of the nation at a
moment of crisis. Just then, America needed a leader who would feel their pain.

"Though no official would ever say it out loud, mourning worked well for Clinton: he
gave good funeral."

In the same (great) article, there's this quote. Is it verifiable?

"When Rabin was assassinated two years later, it was Clinton who knew how to massage
Israel's wounded spirit. He spoke to them, via TV, addressing the dead Rabin with
the words "Shalom chaver" - goodbye friend. The phrase had not existed in Hebrew
before; now it's common Israeli parlance."

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