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Thu Nov 9 17:49:46 UTC 2000

Grant Barrett wrote:
>In the same (great) article, there's this quote. Is it verifiable?
>"When Rabin was assassinated two years later, it was Clinton who knew
>how to massage Israel's wounded spirit. He spoke to them, via TV,
>addressing the dead Rabin with the words "Shalom chaver" - goodbye
>friend. The phrase had not existed in Hebrew before; now it's common
>Israeli parlance."

I don't know if Israelis used the phrase, but when I was a kid in
Hebrew school in the '70s we sang a song called "shalom chaverim".

Oh, and about the Official English law in Utah: My boyfriend is a grad
student at the University of Utah, and said that one of the main
arguments he heard in favor of the measure (which he opposed) was that
English was the official language of the United States, and that this
initiative would merely bring Utah law in line with Federal law.
(Many people believed this so strongly that he gave up trying to
correct them.)

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