The Restaurateur and The American Hotelier

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     I'll probably go to the Culinary Institute of America on Monday.  The
library part of their web site ( was available
yesterday, but died today.

15 April 1927, R&AH, pg. 49, col. 2--You can't go wrong with the motto "The
Patron is Always Right."

11 June 1927, R&AH, pg. 18, col. 2:
   _Service With A Smile_
   Eureka, Cal.--The Marylee Cafe has been opened at 224 F street, and is now
catering to the public.
   "Service with a smile" is the proprietor's motto.

30 July 1927, R&AH, pg. 10, col. 2--...there are "stiffs" (those who do not
tip at all) in both sexes.

12 November 1927, R&AH, pg. 74, col. 2--"Famous For Fine Food."  (Motto of
Olmsted Grill, Washington, D. C.--ed.)

12 November 1927, R&AH, pg. 84, col. 1--_Popular Prices for the Family
(OED "popular prices," "family restaurant"?--ed.)

12 November 1927, R&AH, pg. 97, col. 1--_An Italian Atmosphere that is REAL_
Not pseudo, greets the visitor of Mori's, at Bleecker Street and Broadway,
New York City, and the food, rare Italian viands, seems all the better for
its appropriate setting. (...) Here the epicure may obtain the savory Chicken
a la Cacciatora, done to a turn in the way that only Mori has of doing it.
(Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA has 1930s for chicken cacciatori--ed.)

26 November 1927, R&AH, pg. 4, col. 2:
_Ordering by the Marble_
_System in Restaurants_
   The successful waitress in the various sandwich shops in the Times Square
section in New York City must know her marbles.

4 February 1928, R&AH, pg. 3, col. 2--Melted cheese and bacon between two
slices of white bread is called a "Dutch Treat." (...)  In the last year the
"toastwich", or toasted sandwich, has risen to high favor.

7 April 1928, R&AH, pg. 42, col. 1--..."The kind that Mother Used to Make."
(...) ...New England clam chowder...

28 April 1928, R&AH, pg. 50, col. 2--"Only the Best" Is the Demand of the
Average American in Hotels....

28 April 1928, R&AH, pg. 61, col. 2--"Give the People what they want when
they want it" is the keynote of the service of the Reading Terminal
Restaurant, in Philadelphia....

26 May 1928, R&AH, pg. 14, col. 2--The secret, however, is to administer a
good drenching of that "dragon's blood," without which most Oriental dishes
seem incomplete, and then it becomes reasonably palatable.
(Dragon's blood=soy sauce--ed.)

9 June 1928, R&AH, pg. 5, col. 1--"VENEZ et Vous Reviendrez" is the slogan of
Maison Fichl, well-known French restaurant at 1225 Broadway, New York.  The
literal translation of Jose Fichl's slogan is:  "Come and you will come

23 June 1928, R&AH, pg. 7, col. 1:
_The Advantages of A Children's Menu As A Regular Feature_
   (...)(Col. 2--ed.)
   The Shepard Colonial Restaurant in Boston was one of the first to realize
the need for specially prepared food for children.

30 June 1928, R&AH, pg. 8, col. 3--Clam Chowder Manhattan.  (Schiller Cafe,

1 September 1928, R&AH, pg. 4, col. 2--"Cocktail parties abound, and we revel
in an excess we never dreamed of in pre-prohibition days."
(OED has "cocktail parties" also in 1928--ed.)

29 September 1928, R&AH, pg. 4, col. 2--According to the Swiss, if the holes
in cheese, which they term "eyes," are small, the process of fermentation has
been slow or incomplete, while very large eyes indicate too rapid

6 October 1928, R&AH, pg. 10, col. 1--Cheese Balls.

10 November 1928, R&AH, pg. 77, col. 1--"MAKE my home your home" is a slogan
that is always kept alive at the Hotel Lafayette, Buffalo, N. Y.

22 December 1928, R&AH, pg. 4, col. 1:
   One of the best known Italian dining places, citing an example, is Zucca's
at 118 West 49th Street.  The proper name of this restaurant is Zucca's
Italian Winter Gardden but New Yorkers know it best by the name of its
   (Col. 3--ed.)
   ...accompanied by Mr. Zucca's famous green spaghetti, which is the
specialty of the house.
   _Famous Green Spaghetti_
   The green spaghetti and noodles are made of pure wheat flour, eggs and

2 March 1929, R&AH, pg. 15:
(Feature section had this regular header--ed.)

8 June 1929, R&AH, pg. 13:
_How A Shore Dinner_
_Became Internationally Famous_
(More about the Villepigue Inn at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn--ed.)

15 June 1929, R&AH, pg. 9:
_Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chef_
_Explains Popularity of_
_French Cooking_
(Chef Louis Diat explains everything BUT what I was looking

24 August 1929, R&AH, pg. 23, col. 3:

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