pronunciation of ALCOHOLIC

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Sun Nov 12 05:16:35 UTC 2000

Aren't  "vunderable" and "/aekoholik/  cases of consonant cluster reduction?
Lots of languages have been unloading un needed consonants for years.

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> "Douglas G. Wilson" <douglas at NB.NET> writes:
> >My initial impression is that this is just a 'lazy' pronunciation,
> >comparable  -- for example -- to 'antarctic' /&nartIk/ [& = 'ae'
> >which I've heard often. I think you'll find the same casual acceptance of
> >this, with one speaker saying /&nartIk/, another /&ntarktIk/, nobody much
> >noticing the distinction.
> >Is there any correlation between the elision of the /l/ and the
> >high-front pronunciation of /&/?
> >Do we hear 'calculator' /k&kj at lejt@r/ with elided /l/ sometimes? I think
> >Maybe the silent 'l' often found before /k/ -- as in 'walk', 'folk',
> >'falcon' (variant), etc., etc. -- shows a general tendency for /lk/ >
> >-- Doug Wilson
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> I also often hear "vunerable"  for vulnerable, and less frequently,
> "chirdren" for children.
> A. Murie

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