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A friend of mine is teaching a course for elem.-jr. hi English/Language
Arts teachers this Winter on "The Development of American
English."  Wolfram & Schilling-Estes is too long and technical for this
course.  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a course that meets
twice a week for 10 weeks (and will be taught largely by microwave?!).  In
Linguistics we teach a general intro. to language using Fromkin and Rodman,
plus a course on dialects using W & S-E, but this is a more specialized
course offered by the English Dept.  So, a bit of historical development,
plus current issues and varieties, would be primary.
Here's her note:

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>Special request to post to the ADS list a query on a good, basic textbook
>on the development of American English for education majors who are
>concentrating on language arts for grades 4-9.
>As I told you this is for a regional campus. I think some of them (or all)
>may have had Linguistics 270 but that's not for certain nor is it a
>prerequisite, so a chapter on phonetics would certainly be helpful. Plus I
>really want to emphasize dialect sensitivity and acceptance, so regional
>dialects as well as social would be welcome.  I want to include a bit
>about lexical expansion, such as borrowings from other languages, and
>certainly something on discourse strategies. I just don't want to
>duplicate 270, that's my fear.

>Please ask people to respond directly to me at <sh120888 at ohio.edu>
>Thanks for your input.

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