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Paul McFedries lists at MCFEDRIES.COM
Tue Nov 14 15:01:37 UTC 2000

A "pregnant" chad is a chad that is only indented slightly and is still
fully attached to the card. I've also seen them called "dimpled" chads. I
haven't heard of "stippled" chad. Perhaps you heard "dimpled." Here are some

hanging chad - only one corner remains attached to the card.
swinging chad - two corners remain attached to the card.
tri-chad - three corners remain attached to the card.

Apparently, the above three will be accepted by a hand count, but in most
cases not by a machine count (because the attached chad would likely block
the hole when the card is fed through the machine). Pregnant chads are not
counted either way.

Any others?


> Apologies in advance if these have been mentioned in the chad discussion:
> pregnant chad
> stippled chad (I think)
> hanging chad
> All three were used on CNN this morning; however, no explanations were
> for "pregnant" and "stippled".
> Jessie Emerson

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