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Tue Nov 14 16:15:28 UTC 2000

The Internet, that remarkable educational device, apparently won't help us
answer Larry's question. Google comes up with Creme Yvette, Creme d'Yvette,
and Crème de Yvette:
"Creme Yvette - A violet coloured liqueur made from Parma violets, but now
almost impossible to find since the production has stopped."
"The Charles Jacquin company used to make a violet liqueur called Creme
d'Yvette but to my dismay stopped making it 25 years ago!"
"Yale Cocktail - 1 1/2 oz. Gin, 1/2 oz. Dry Vermouth, Dash of Bitters, 1
tsp. Creme de Yvette or Blue Curacao. Stir with ice & strain into a chilled
cocktail glass."
"This sweet liquor is almost always made in France, though the brand Crème
de Yvette - named after the turn-of-the-century French actress Yvette
Gilbert - is still made with a purple hue by Jacquin in Philly."
There's a Lautrec drawing of Yvette Gilbert at
One way to solve the problem would be for someone to come up with an actual
bottle of the stuff so we can see how the Jacquin people spell it. I'd
gladly take on such a research project myself, but it would undoubtedly
prove fruitless for me to do it here in Utah. Somebody who lives in New York
or Chicago or Paris or someplace like that should do it. 

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