Yale drinks

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Nov 15 05:21:05 UTC 2000

At 1:38 AM -0500 11/15/00, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>I guess "creme yvette" (capitalization [and diacritical mark] probably
>somewhat optional) seems to be correct. Doesn't matter much, since the
>referent apparently is unavailable. I guess our Yale martinis will require
>imports from France ... or maybe we can just use a little violet extract
>(and perhaps some vanilla extract and sugar to taste) plus some purple food
>coloring? One Web entry permits the use of blue curaçao instead of violet
>liqueur ... would that be cheating? [I assume the recipe is designed to
>present Yale's "blue" color, rather than implying an association of Yale
>with violets per se (blushing or otherwise)? Any Yalies, please help me on
I suspect you're right, and in fact I was wondering why blue curaçao,
which is the only blue liqueur I'd known of before the current
thread, wouldn't have been used.  Only Yvette knows for sure.


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