Name that fracas

Gareth Branwyn garethb2 at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Nov 15 18:38:26 UTC 2000

Last night on The Daily Show, they had a segment on the Palm Beach vote that
they called "The Sunshine Wait."

Speaking of The Daily Show, it's interesting that they've been calling the
elections "Indecision 2000" for months. Now several of the networks and print
media are using that title as well in their coverage. Possible WOTY?

Paul McFedries wrote:

> If it goes on as long as some suggest it might, then I vote for "chad
> nauseam." Note that Slate's "best" is "Gator Wait," and they seem quite
> pleased with themselves about it (they describe it as "a nice play on words
> that takes a second to sink in"). Well maybe it needs to keep sinking, but
> it just doesn't work for me. Unless, of course, in Florida "gator" rhymes
> with "water."
> Paul
> > Slate ( is running a contest to name the ruckus in Florida.
> >
> > Chad fever?
> > --
> > Evan Morris
> > words1 at
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