new verb (to me) in Times Magazine

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Sun Nov 19 05:55:38 UTC 2000

We've had something similar here in Peru since the elections in april :
Ongiando, whose english version would be NGOing.
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Subject: new verb (to me) in Times Magazine

> No, not in Safire's column, but in the next piece, "The New
> Economy/Dot Dot Dot?", on the fate of "the victims of the recent
> dot-com layoffs".  Says interviewee Trina Williams, who was downsized
> out of her job at RealNames Corp. last June,
> "For the last couple of months I've been consulting at my favorite
> nonprofit, Community Impact, in Palo Alto.  As one person here said,
> I'm DOT-ORG-ING for a while instead of dot-com-ing.  It provides the
> meaning many of us are looking for in our work."
> (NYT Magazine, 11.19.00, p. 44, emphasis added)
> larry
> [If enough people do it, it could turn into a dot-orgy, if they don't
> mind indulging in a little harmless velar softening along the way.]

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