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If you look at the book "This Remarkable Continent" (from Texas A&M Press),
which maps the silliest facts imaginable (including where pro football
players come from as well as US dialect boundaries), you will find it ain't
just QBs from within a stone's throw of Beaver Falls.

What's off-topic about regional distribution? Spose the pro football
isogloss turned out to be as important as the log cabin construction style
one in corresponding to speech boundaries?


>Dennis P said:
>Be careful. Joe Namath was not FROM the South (although he played his
>college ball at Alabama). He was from that goldmine of professional
>football players known as western Pennsylvania.
>True.  Just to elaborate for a moment (off topic), W Pa. has been amazing in
>producing top pro quarterbacks.  All from counties near and around
>Pittsburgh are the following: Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Dan
>Marino, Jim Kelly.  This is remarkable, in that each of these guys had
>legendary pro careers at QB.  There must be some great coaches in that
>Frank Abate

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