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Jessie Emerson jessie at SIRSI.COM
Wed Nov 22 21:58:46 UTC 2000

About British slang, but still an interesting bit from a CNN article:
The best thing about these stories might be that they're so palpably
happening now: They get the slang, the profanity, the brands, the computers
and the TV just right. (The delightful Briticism "mong," as in "to mong out
in front of the TV," occurs more than once.) Much of the action of Tony
White's "Poet" occurs within the confines of an Excel document, and Matthew
Branton's "Monkey See" gets some zing from its intimate familiarity with the
mechanics of downloading digital porn. Scarlett Thomas' "Mind Control" may
contain the first literary use of the word "Dreamcast" in history. If your
Dreamcast is as important to you as mine is to me, that's a landmark right
The whole thing can be read here:

Jessie Emerson

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