Naked Lady Party

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Sat Nov 25 01:52:12 UTC 2000


   Oh, I'll do anything to increase readership.
   But seriously, from the NEW YORK OBSERVER, 27 November 2000, pg. 5, col. 1:

_Bitch 'n' Swap?_
_The _Real_ Story_
_Is Laid Bare_
(...)  I left a message on my friend Erin's machine. She was the original
co-founder of the Bitch 'n' Swap, whichstarted about six years ago in a tiny
Upper West Side apartment I shared with my sister.  I had two giant bags
after a major closet clean-out and figured all my friends probably had old
clothes they wanted to get rid of.  My friend Erin thought it would be cool
to have an organized bitch session.  "We'll get together and swap our old
things and bitch and drink wine allafternoon.  We'll call it a bitch 'n'
swap,"she said.  (...) But in_Mademoiselle_, the idea was attributed to some
woman out in California who called them "Naked Lady Parties," because
everyone gets naked while they try on clothes.  Bull. (...)



    Shulman tells me has a "What's the damage?" (inspecting a restaurant
bill) from the 1840s and a "Long time no see" from the 1880s.  He plans to
interrupt my chad search tomorrow in the NYPL.



   Another citation is G.Selmer Fougner's ALONG THE WINE TRAIL (1930s), part
IV, pg. 71:

     _Croustade de Quiche Lorraine_
   Cheese custard with diced fried bacon, chopped onions, chives and parsley.
 Bake in crust.

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