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   From the FINANCIAL TIMES, November 25-26, 2000, Weekend, Pg. XXVIII (28 to
you and me, but this is the FT), col. 3:

THE LONG VIEW by Barry Riley
_The old bear and Bush_
_Mort Duhm is cheered by the unsustainable financial environment_
(...)  "That (sic) what I call bullderdash," snapped Duhm.  "After such a
long bull market it just takes a long time to change the mentality of
investors.  They know a severe correction is looming.  Indeed, it's already
happened in the technology sectors, which are 50 per cent down from the March
highs.  But these days nobody dares to go liquid."
("Duhm" is a dumb, made-up name.  The article describes Duhm as a
"doomster"--the opposite of "boomster"--ed.)

(The same Weekend FT has "Wordplay" by Ian Davidson--not my idea of a word
column, and not in every week--and a review of Encarta's quotations book and
others, by Jan Dalley--ed.)


LONG TIME, NO SEE--David Shulman told me yesterday that he was incorrect.
His "long time, no see" was from the 1940s, not the 1880s.  Never mind.

STOVE PIPE ORGANIZATION--I couldn't find it before 1993.  So maybe it wasn't
Peter Drucker, but possibly Tom Peters?

SAFIRE WATCH--Nothing's changed.  My letter to the editor was censored.  My
corrections were censored.  This week--Safire can't do "chad," because he'd
have to credit the American Dialect Society and maybe me--he does "snippy."
The source is right out of OED, but Safire doesn't credit the OED and makes
as if he found "snippy" himself.

KATHERINE HARRIS WATCH--There is no Katherine Harris watch!

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