Regional Dialects

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Hello! I am doing research for a paper on Regional Dialects and I desperately need your help. If you could, please tell me what city/state you are from and then read the descriptions of words and tell me what word you would use to go along with that description(what word I am describing). It won't take long, I promise! Thank you for your time.

Example: place where a train stops : station, railway station, depot, train stop,                                                   train station, or railroad station

1) Center of a peach:  ________
2) to put a single room of the house in order: __________
3) web hanging from the ceiling of a room: __________
4) large open metal container for scrub water: _________
5) grass strip in the center of a divided road: __________
6) policeman: ________
7) place where packaged groceries can be purchased: ________
8) insect that glows at night: _________
9) a carbonated drink: __________
10) food eaten between regular meals: ________
11) someone who is from the country: _________
12) someone who won't change his mind is said to be: _________
13) fast-moving amusement park ride (on tracks): ________
14) paper container for groceries: ________

Thank you again,

Lauren Gibson
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