Smoothie; Chad

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Wed Nov 29 18:02:10 UTC 2000


   BETTER HOMES & GARDENS has a page of recipes listed in the issue (like GOURMET has) and I've copied them.  I noticed this in August 1952, pg. 67, col. 3:

Peach Smoothie...86

   This could be our first "smoothie" that actually is one.  Frozen yogurt smoothies were popular from 1977--25 years later!


   A good place to look is the EDINBURGH JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ART.  See the entry.  If "chad" is from Scotland, the term should be in there somewhere.  Unfortunately, the NYPL has the journal up to 1942 only, although the catalog entry states 1950.
   More "chad" from NIST I thought was attached but will be sent separately.

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