teacher's query

Wed Nov 29 20:30:27 UTC 2000

My son's 5th grade teacher and some of her students have asked me about
the preferability of the pronunciations for _detail_, n., especially
the stress.  Some of the kids noticed it in the news telecast last

MW3   de'tail   'de tail
RU2   de'tail    'de tail
WBD  de'tail    'de tail     (See usage note below)

Pronunciation of the noun is devided: de'tail, 'de tail.  The first is
older; the second especially common in situations where the word is
used a great deal (army life, architecture, and other specialized
uses).   ...

Kenyon & Knott  'de tail   de'tail
Thorndike-Barnhart Comprehensive Desk   de'tail   'de tail   (See usage
note below)

The formal pronunciation is de'tail; informal usage is divided but the
pronunciation is likely to be 'de tail.

Is there a preference?  Also is the vowel in the first syllable i or ee?

David Barnhart

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