"Yahooty" - Origin and definition

Philip E. Cleary pcleary at WANS.NET
Thu Nov 30 18:07:37 UTC 2000

<It was used in the context of a fictitious or imaginary person, like under the following circumstance: Someone says, "Who took the last piece of pie?" And I'd say "Yahooty took it." when in fact it was I who took it. A sort of scapegoat. >

In our Bostonian family there is a mythical person who bears the responsibility for missing or broken objects, etc. He was introduced into the family by my wife, a native of Seattle, who learned of him from her mother, a Seattle native who spent a fair amount of time in NJ. My wife defines him as "the little man who isn't there" and (being a musician) always thought his name was "Yehudi."

Phil Cleary
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