Micromotors; Nanonurses; Teenagers

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Thu Nov 30 23:18:50 UTC 2000


   From today's FINANCIAL TIMES, 30 November 2000, "technology Woth Watching," pg. 11, col. 1:

_Historic route to_
_new micromotors_
(Nanomotors, camphor dance are explained--ed.)

   From Col. 3:

_Here come the_
   (...)  The Cornell team envisages one of the uses of the nanodevices, which are about the size of virus particles, as "nanonurses" that could move about the body repairing cells or dispensing drugs.

(As long as we're not talking about British nanonurses--ed.)


   AMERICA IN SO MANY WORDS has "teenager" as WOTY for 1939, but I don't have that handy to check the cite.
   From BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, February 1939, pg. 34, col. 1:

_"So Long Folks--I've a Date"_
Shall parents have a say in the so-
cial life of their teen-agers?  Here
young moderns battle it out

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