earlier appearance of rice-burner

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Tony Thorne's Bloomsbury Dictionary of Contemporary Slang (1990) gives
"Rice-burner n American
a Japanese motorcycle. A contemptuous term used by US bikers and particularly by police motorcyclists who were forced to exchange their Harley Davidsons for Japanese motorcycles in the 1970s."
Jan Ivarsson, Sweden

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> On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, Bernard W. Kane wrote:
> > My guru Dr R L Chapman in his New Dictionary of Slang (Harper & Row 1986)
> > has
> > rice-burner  n  motorcyclists  A motorcycle of Japanese manufacture
> >
> > probably transf to Japanese autos and in circulation much earlier.
> Here's the earliest citation I can find in a few seconds of research:
> 1982 _Wash. Post_ 9 Mar. (Nexis)  With all those "I'D RATHER PUSH MY
> HARLEY THAN DRIVE A RICE BURNER!" Main Street is a Harley-dominated scene.
> Fred Shapiro
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