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    From FINANICAL TIMES, 14 September 2000, pg. 16, cols. 1-2:

_The Making of_
_a McMartyr_
   The French sheep farmer Jose Bove, thrown into jail yesterday for ransacking a McDonald's restaurant, has got exactly what he wanted.  The decision of the court in the sleepy town of Millau will make Mr. Bove, already a national hero, into a martyr for the cause.

     I know that Jesse and the OED love to take on McDonald's.
     Dow Jones also has NET GUIDE, 3-1-1996:

     The McChurch Tabernacle HomePage Get McSaved, worship the Holy McDonna, read McMartyr's Telegram to the Modern Corinthians, and get a happy meal for your eternal soul.


     "Microbe versus macrobe" (Does OED have Machupo?) is in the FINANCIAL TIMES, September 16-17, 2000, pg. 9, cols. 1-6.  Col. 3:

     In her book _The Coming Plague_, the author Laurie Garrett says the number of cities with populations above 10m--"microbe magnets" in her phraseology--grew from just two in 1950 to 10 in 1980.

     A Dow Jones check shows that her book probably coined it.


    I keep confusing this with BEACH BLANKET BINGO for some reason.
    FINANCIAL TIMES, Weekend, Sept. 16-17, 20000, pg. 27,  col. 2:

    Chase Manhattan had been bulking up in its quest for the unflattering title of "bulge bracket bank."

    The earliest BBB on Dow Jones is from RED HERRING, 11-1-1993.  "Bulge bracket" had 2068 hits.


    FINANCIAL TIMES, Weekend, Sept. 16-17, 2000, pg. 1, has a story about Singapore trying to get people to have more kids.  "Singlehood" is used; I was surprised to see 887 hits on Dow Jones for this.
    Column 4 mentions "Social Development Unit, or SDU, has at least arrested the trend toward 'singlehood.'"
    Col. 5:  "...the old stigma (Col. 6--ed.), epitomized by the joke that SDU stood for 'Single, Desperate and Ugly,' no longer applies."

    Singaporeans were "Single, Desperate and Ugly" since at least 12-4-1988 in the LOS ANGELES TIMES.
    The Single and Desperate parts I don't mind...

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