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Harrrumph! I am working only from Polish (not Russian). I'll ask
people who know a lot more than me. (I know, I know; all I have to do
is walk out on the street, stop the first ....)


>Dear Dennis,
>This surprised me too.  However, the Dover Publications (1944)
>specifically uses the subordinate definition:
>"(in chess) bishop" NOT elephant as I would have suspected.  Under
>"rook" they give
>_·ý¯Ì_ or  _Îý”_.   OOPS, that's what happened when I tried to insert
>from Word the Cyrillic forms.
>I guess one could transliterate this as "bashnya" or "ladya".
>If this is hogwash, then let me know and I'll consign this book to the
>burn pile.

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