Take-Out Chinese; Fishhouse Punch

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   Somebody's got to document these things.
   From Clementine Paddleford's column in the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 24 June 1939, pg. 9, col. 7:

   EDITOR'S NOTE--Anyhow, only in the last two years have we noted that the "take-out" Chinese kitchens (no restaurant in connection with the shops) are springing up in every possible spot.  Surely Chinese dinners (Col. 8--ed.) at home must be a growing idea--we didn't call it new.  And as Mrs. Kane agrees--"chow mein is swell for a simple supper."  We have a list of these Chinese ready-prepared food shops if it interests you.  In Yonkers, Jackson Heights, Flushing--all given in the shopping guide today.


   Not in the OED.  I have some more citations in my voluminous files at home.  I didn't know it was from "Annapolis."
   From Lucius Beebe's column in the NYHT, 24 June 1939, pg. 9, col. 1 (same page as above):

   A correspondent's request for the formula for fishhouse punch, the great Annapolis drink, elicits the following formula from A. K. Mills, the demon publicist: six quarts of rye, one pint of rum, a quart of peach brandy, a cup of lemon juice, four cups of sugar and one of strong black tea.  This stock should be allowed to stand a week, preferably in the stone crocks of tradition, and then mixed one part of stock to one part of sparkling water or iced tea.  There it, too, a school of thought which believes the fill-up should be a vintage champagne.  It has been discovered by pioners that the best way to drink this arrangement is lying in bed, since it saves kind friends the inevitable inconvenience of having to put one there.

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