Dot -- Braille

L oki okl-word at JUNO.COM
Thu Aug 2 20:49:27 UTC 2001

Refering to the medial dot, used as logical "and" and in other contexts,
you probably know better than I the differences between US and UK usages.
US uses the same symbol for period and decimal point, UK calls the former
a full stop, and uses the medial dot for  the decimal.

US and UK Braille also differ, but on this point (ahem), they agree in
having distinct signs for the two symbols. File names are a new enough
innovation that a universal agreement hasn't yet been reached, but I
think the prevailing usage is for a third sign entirely. Thus; period,
point, dot.

Back to inkprint, in algebra, the medial dot is used in the US for
multiplication. In the UK, since the medial dot is already in use as the
decimal point, they use the lower dot for multiplication. (Logical, since
the multiplication sign is never at the end of a sentence where it can be
confused with a full stop, whereas a decimal appearing at the end of a
sentence followed by an ellipsis could lead to chaos.)

~Owen Lorion

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