Jelly Cake (1940--100 years)

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   See the ADS-L archives for jelly cake/roll.  This appears to have been baked in New York City--perhaps on the same block and at about the same time as that "base ball" game.
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 26 February 1940, pg. 16, col. 7:

_Jelly Cake of Old New York_
_Retains Its Fame for a Century_
_"Big-Fat" Roll Was Parent, at 80, of "So-Big" Midget;_
   _A New Guava Jelly Sets Sales Record; "Sur-_
      _prise" Awaits Homemaker Class_

(PHOTO CAPTION:  Big jelly roll has sold 100 years.  Little jelly roll comes of age next spring.)

   By Clementine Paddleford

   "So-big" jelly roll, meaning no longer than a forefinger and not much thicker through, has been a specialty with a New York catering shop for more than twenty years.  "Big-fat" jelly roll, parent of the youngster, has been baked since the business began in 1839 when the shop stood on Broadway, just across from Astor Place.
   Names of owners of the grand houses on North Washington Square and those on Lafayette Place and Broadway appear on the pages of the store's early ledger.  Today some of the great-grandchildren of these first customers still buy their jelly rolls at this shop.

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