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Jeffrey William McKeough jwm at URSOLARIS.SPDCC.COM
Mon Aug 6 17:51:46 UTC 2001

Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>Here's a claim from 1998 which would seem to refer to ca. 1940, I think:
>it's retrospective, though.
><<Richard Clark, 70, of Plympton also said his favorite ice cream is
>coffee. ... Clark said as a kid in Rhode Island, he used to have coffee
>"cabinets" all the time. He said a coffe [sic] cabinet is a milk shake with
>ice cream.>>
>"Coffee cabinet" = "coffee milk-shake" seems to be very frequently
>mentioned ...

Actually, it was "coffee cabinet" = "coffee milkshake with ice
cream".  I think Rhode Island milkshakes are like Massachusetts
milkshakes, which are milk with flavoring.  Add ice cream here and you
get a frappe, add it there and you get a cabinet.

-Jeffrey, who will admit to using "shake" and "frappe"
 interchangeably, and who probably uses "shake" more often nowadays

Jeffrey William McKeough
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