Fortune Cake (1940)

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Tue Aug 7 00:10:45 UTC 2001

   Both OED and M-W have 1962 for "fortune cookie."
   From Clementine Paddleford's column in the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 25 May 1940, pg. 18, col. 7:

   GOOD FORTUNE--This is served with Chinese fortune cakes, rice cakes really, but in new form.  The thin dough has been doubled and folded to resemble a miniature collar.  Break the collar in half and a printed fortune is found.  Ours read: "Remain among your friends and you will do well," which seems sound sense.  These cakes sell in New York for 35 cents a dozen, are good to eat and good fun to serve at punchbowl parties, not too sweet either, to go nicely with wine.

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